when did the stars...

begin to fall on earth?



Embark on a journey in a land where past, present and the imaginary blend.
As a survivor in a world devastated by mankind you will travel to the farthest lands to keep alive the hope of a new beginning.
Explore, fish, collect resources, face thirst and cold, mysterious creatures,
find the gods pray for them and fight the ancestral constellations to rebuild the Stars Route Map


Soulgest is a third person adventure game with survival and gathering elements
The project is a dream coming to life, born from the passion of the developers from games like Legend of Zelda, Breath of Fire and so many nostalgic RPGs mixed with the survival mechanics of games like The Flame in the Flood.
You'll have to explore a huge open world as you will and survive the dangers in your travels while gathering resources and crafting the necessary tools.





Fight against hunger, dehydration, and the elements.

Crafting and gathering

Craft your tools to survive and battle the dangers, mine for rocks, ore and metals, cut trees for precious wood, loot the animal for food and leather. Use the ressources to craft your weapons, create armors and clothe to guard from the harshs and cold. Lit your bonfire for warm and make a camp to be safe and have a place to come back


Take various hunts, find wild animals for food or ressources or go after the mysterious creatures told in the legends or by the word of mouth of some traveler, take your better weapons or prepare the right traps to catch your preys.



Build your shelter and upgrade it to a house, expand and build new craft tools and features.



Plant seeds and general goods to save food, make traps or feed animals




open world Exploration

Explore a open world as you will, choose the missions and bosses to defeat at your time..or just take some days to go fishing and survive.


Boss Battles

Travel to the far lands and find the old constellations, battle against Nimrod and Gilgamesh, Syrius and Procyon...The First Hunter and the Old Kings...Each battle to be decided by strategy and intelligence



Fight the star fragments that fell on earth, stand against the black holes, be prepared for giants and ancient creatures in a hack 'n slash combat based in reaction and in how you have prepared for that.



Find and conquer your mounts, horses, camels, goats, one for each region and maybe more....



A deep dive into ancient history and astronomy mixed in a fantasy world, a love letter for ancient civilizations, old cultures and the mysterious forces that bound all the myths




"In an earth devastated by humankind
In a time when the stars fall on earth
In a world where gods back to life
Noah must collect the ancient constellations
He must rebuild the star route map
To find our homeworld"







Adventure Survival



Monster Burp Studios
Based in São Paulo, Brazil


Press / Business contact:
Phone: +55 11 96074-5893


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